(love this)
One day my face will show that I have loved and lost
That I have frowned and fought
That I have yearned and cried
That I have celebrated and smiled
My face will show that I have lived and it mattered to me

Now I understand what true beauty really is. 
You feel it, you touch it, 
you see it, 
and you live it. 
You see it in your face, 
your feel it within your heart 
and it burns within your soul.
Beauty to me isn’t something that we create. 
It’s always been there, 
and as we grow older we see more of it, 
we appreciate the simplest of things. 
We embrace where we have been,
 and what marks life has left on us, 
because we have lived. 
We look at life in a different way, 
and we realize we are beauty. 
We always have been, 
we always will be. 
So let your face show that you have loved and lost, 
you have frowned and fought, 
you have yearned and cried, 
you have celebrated and smiled, 
and you have lived 
and your life mattered to you. 
That’s true beauty.
Mary Costanza