The Best Craft Coffee Spots in Las Vegas

If you're like me you love good coffee. That kind of place that makes their own syrup and doesn't burn their milk and really cares of coffee. When I travel I read the local Yelp reviews trying to wade through the advice to figure out if it's actually good coffee or if it's just syrupy standard stuff that people think is good coffee.

All that to say, I'm a coffee snob and I own that fully. So about Las Vegas....we found two great spots! And one to avoid.

Go to PublicUs. It's off the beaten path near Downtown Las Vegas (not the strip). There will be homeless people close by. And you will be blown away by the coffee, the friendliness, the store aesthetic and even the food. We went here every day, one day twice. Each time we were greeted warmly and served up a nice rich latte-not overly sweet at all. We tried the food and that was good too-all made in house. The interior is industrial meets mid century modern; so well done. I know you will like it :) Every person working there seemed to enjoy their job and care about their business. Sorry no pictures, I was to busy enjoying my coffee.

The Mothership. Good solid craft coffee. Kind service and all pastries baked in house-Yum!

Cafe Presse (inside the Venetian). Bitter coffee with overheated milk. I expected more from a coffee place inside an Italian themed hotel. Skip it.