The Best Coffee in Orange County, CA

You won't find any Frappuccino Milkshakes at Hopper and Burr. With just 5 items on their coffee menu, this is serious coffee.

When we travel, we always try small local coffee houses. Some of our favorites have been in Portland and Austin. When we come home to Orange County,  great coffee is hard to come by. Hugely disappointing.

Then there is Hopper and Burr. The Cappuccino is so smooth that I didn't even need to add any sweetener. They are a small pop up shop inside Little Sparrow in Santa Ana. And they make toast! With fresh bread! And Avocado!

I think I finally found great coffee in Orange County! This girl is in heaven.

Updated April 2016.....and now there's two more wonderful hipster coffee spots in Orange County! Two of our newest favorites Neat Coffee and The Common Room.