Packing List

We have been doing quite a bit of traveling and so I wanted to share my best travel tips. Here's my packing list for a one week trip in moderate weather. I was inspired by this post.

-I've also started refilling my travel cosmetics/shampoo right when I get back from a trip-it's all ready to go for the next one!

-Long sleeve shirts can be worn with shorts or jeans or layered under the jacket and cardigan. I take a green army jacket and a grey cardigan. If it rains, I just buy an umbrella at our destination.

-I take a very small travel purse that holds just my phone and glasses and a few credit cards and then pack my backpack with all the extras including my laptop and chargers.

-Throw in a dress if you think you might need it. I never need one unless we have a graduation or event to attend.

-Tops can be worn as jammies or a beach coverup-I make sure and take several button up blouses that work double duty.

-Shoes are converse tennis shoes, sandals and either booties, boots or flip flops depending on the time of year and my destination.

-Add in underwear, makeup/toiletries, and a book and I'm ready for anything.

-In winter I add in a rain repellant over jacket and a down puffy jacket that I can layer. I change out my converse for nike trainers and take my black booties that are comfortable and waterproof. They were comfortable right out of the box and kept my feet warm and dry during our 3 weeks in Italy.