My Brother and Microsoft

So I've probably mentioned it before but I get to work for my brother as an instructional assistant. Am I the luckiest girl ever?! Not only do I love my job but I love working with these kids.  (I even teach them how to blog.) And I get to work with two other amazing 5th grade teachers too! Love you Sam and Emily :)

So one day last month Microsoft contacted my brother and then they came to shoot a video. It was crazy!!! And now today He's free to talk about it because part of it will be included in the Microsoft SuperBowl commercial today. #empowering

So proud of this guy!


  1. That is totally brilliant and I love that video:) I want to play mystery skype too:) Love

  2. I want to play too! So fun to watch it unfold :)

  3. Totally, Jana:) I shared your link with a few of my friends and they all loved the video too:) Brilliant. xo

  4. Oh Jana … this is so wonderful … it made me cry!! Nothing is more noble thank inspiring others … especially the young ones! Love this … love you!

    1. I am so blessed to work with him! He is amazing :)


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