What I'm Reading and Why You Should Read it Too

I love reading anything by Penelope Trunk. She's rude at times, she's controversial but she's real and I like that.

Would we be friends in real life? I don't know.

But she's smart and I like people who will speak their mind. I've been reading her blog forever. And I finally picked up her book, Brazen Careerist. I don't love the name of the book. But whether you want career advice or not, I think your should read it.

There is all kids of relationship advice woven inside. and really, who has that completely wired. 


  1. I've heard of that book before. I actually had the pleasure of hearing a representative from Brazen present at a work conference I attended this fall in NY. I'm a Career Counselor, so this is right up my ally.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kimberly. I bet being a Career Counselor is a lot of fun!


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