Just finished All the Light We Cannot See. Good book :)

How to get around in Venice, Italy

boat taxis in Venice
When you visit Venice be prepared to walk a lot. There are canals everywhere with bridges and stairs.
And no cars.
Aside from Gondolas and the Vaparetto (public transportation boats) these vintage wood boats are the main type of transportation in Venice. They fit easily under bridges when the tide is high and go fast when they are not is the small canals. This is most likely a taxi :) They remind me of a James bond movie. 

Grand Canal at Night

Venice Italy at night
Here's Venice at night. It's unbelievable. People live here in this beauty ,with no cars and buildings that disappear into the sea. 

How to do laundry in Italy

laundry in italy
Here's your instructions. Ugh.

We actually had a great time doing laundry in Italy. Our first adventure was communicating that we wanted to find a self service laundromat.

Once we found one, we had to figure out how the whole process worked. It was in a working class neighborhood in Arezzo. We tried asking the other people there are how to use the machine.

Although no one spoke English-they were more than happy to help us and teach us. I was so moved with their kindness.

One of the dryers quit on us and an Italian man called the person in charge to come fix it for us.

By the end we were helping  another Italian on how to use the machines.

The best part was when a young girl came in with her mom. A Taylor Swift song came on the radio and she started dancing and singing. It was so great to share a song when we couldn't speak the same language. To hear music in English while traveling, is a huge comfort.

Basic of Laundry in Italy:

1. Don't buy or add your own soap. The machines dispense it automatically. And it smells good. Scented products usually give me a headache but this one didn't and the smell faded after drying. You choose your water temperature and you will need Euro coins.

2. Make friends-just ask someone to help you even if they don't speak English.

3. Many people wash at home and bring things to the Laundromat to dry them. Claim your dryer or you will be there a long time.

4. When in Lucca, Italy-do laundry down the street from Le Bonta, they have instructions in English and you can grab some of the second-best gelato in Italy.

5. We did laundry once a week while traveling. I prefer that over carrying a large suitcase-cobblestone streets are rough to roll on. We were able to travel with just a regular size backpack and carry-on.

I never knew doing laundry in Italy would be so fun.

Cinque Terre, Italy November 2014

It's really such an amazing place! Even though I've pinned it more times than I can count. To see it in real life-breathtaking.

The day we went-the trains were on strike. And so we drove on roads that are crazy skinny and with people driving that are really old. It took hours to visit all the little towns.

And you know what-it was worth it. And wine with dinner when you get off the windy roads makes everything better :)